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Saturday, November 14th, 11:00 am to 5:30 pm

9th Annual Bicycle Bar Tour for Homeless Veterans 2020

A leisurely ride from Port Canaveral to Cocoa Beach and back on improved bike paths and lanes.

Seven (7) Drinks – one at each stop!

Tickets are $20 each in advance, or $30 day of.

50/50 Drawing to benefit area Homeless Veterans. Other items awarded too.

Co-hosted by Jennifer Taylor with National Veterans Homeless Support.

For our Homeless Veterans PLEASE also bring underwear, socks, clothing, toothpaste, suntan lotions, 20 plastic shoe boxes, Vaseline, Lysol wipes, Hand sanitizer, $5 gift cards to McDonalds, Publix, etc., easy open canned food, cereal & other food stuffs, tarps, think outdoor living. You may contribute financially with checks made out to NVHS.

Event is FREE & open to all. HOWEVER, tickets are available that provide a BIG PRICE BREAK on beverages at the below stops.

I WILL ALSO DONATE an additional $1 for every advance ticket sold!

PLEASE have your bicycle thoroughly checked out before arrival! Departure times are approximate, and schedule may be modified. 

This schedule is approximate. Factors including the weather may cause us to modify it on route.

Each ticket entitles bearer to a draft beer or house wine or (at some locations) a well drink or rum punch. You do not have to be on time as stops may be made in any order, though there will be a group structure. However, ALL tickets must be used by 5:30 pm as they are no longer valid after that unless the venue makes an exception.

You MUST be at least 21 years old to purchase tickets.

All beverages containing alcohol either issued with a pub crawl ticket or purchased at the venue MUST remain on the property of the venue. It is not lawful to leave any venue and wander the streets carrying any open beverage container that has alcohol in it. Thank you!

The advance purchase PayPal button has been removed to accommodate accounting and to create the will call list.
However, there will be plenty of extra tickets at the event at the normal price.
Hope to see you there! Gary

We want all of you to be safe. This includes not only obeying all the relevant traffic laws, but please also be mindful of COVID-19 advice and social distancing as much as possible. While the nature of pub crawls makes this difficult, we encourage you to make the effort.
We want to see you back with us again and again. Thank you!

The Mad Hatter [email protected] 321-543-1346

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